Engine Repair and Replacement

Canton’s Most Skilled Engine Repair and Replacement Technicians

If your vehicle is getting old and unreliable, bring it in for a checkup from the professionals at Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center.  Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center specializes in car engine repair and replacement.  We can replace any car engine.

Engine repair is labor intensive and time consuming.  Ric and Rocky’s has the necessary equipment and trained technicians ready to replace or fix your vehicle’s engine — getting you back on the road safely and quickly.

Car Engine Repair and Replacement:

Replacing an engine with a new, re-manufactured or rebuilt engine car add years to a vehicle’s life and save you thousands of dollars instead of purchasing a whole new vehicle.  Replacing a vehicle’s engine is a major repair that requires a large investment into that vehicle.

An engine that is properly maintained with regular oil and filter changes, changing the spark plugs, timing belt and coolant at specified intervals, should last 100,000 to 150,000 miles.  But many engines are not properly maintained.happy customer

Consequently, after thousands of miles of neglect, the engine falters or suffers a variety of problems.  It starts to burn oil.  It fouls spark plugs and misfires.  It burns a valve.  It overheats.  It blows a head gasket.  It makes rapping, clattering, ticking noises.  It is difficult to start.  It seizes up or stops running.

When a vehicle’s engine finally reaches the end of its’ life, a new engine must be purchased to replace the old, or a new car must be purchased.

Bring your car in for a free engine assessment.  Call Ric and Rocky’s at (734) 414-3195 to schedule your next appointment.

Ric and Rocky’s also offers a wide range of other services to keep you engine running smoothly.

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