Air Conditioning

When you car’s air conditioning isn’t working right, don’t sweat it.  Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center can chill you out and solve your vehicle’s A/C problem.  No matter the type of vehicle you drive, whether import or domestic, new or used, our mechanics can help you out with expert car air conditioning repair.

Ric and Rocky’s expert auto air conditioning service, includes:

  • Visual inspection of all A/C components
  • Full system performance test
  • State of charge and system control tests
  • Leak test, using an approved-leak detector
  • Dye detection test (if a slow leak is difficult to detect)

To maintain your car’s air conditioning system be sure to bring your car in for an A/C System Check before the weather gets warm.air_conditioning_service

Also, because the refrigerant used in some air conditioning systems is considered harmful to the environment, it is important that it not be allowed to escape during servicing. Our technicians begin each air conditioning service with a leak detection test. Then, those technicians use a sealed, environmentally friendly process that captures the refrigerant, cleans it, replenishes it and recycles it to your vehicle’s air conditioning system good as new. For automobiles built before 1995 that use Freon (R-12 or CFC-12) Ric and Rocky’s offers a retrofit service that enables your A/C system to use the inexpensive R-134a refrigerant. This brings your car into environmental compliance and the retrofit will pay for itself in the future cost savings on Freon.

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