Remote Starters and Car Alarms

Car remotes and car alarms let you start and protect your vehicle with the click of a button.  Ric and Rocky’s car alarm services provide the newest car security products and remote starters to keep you and your vehicle safe.  Protect your vehicle, your loved ones, and yourself with advanced and reliable car alarms and car remote starters from Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center.

Remote Starters –

Tired of running outside to start your car in the winter freezing cold?  How about sweltering inside your car on a hot summer day?  We have the solution — a remote start from Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center!   Instead of battling the elements, start your vehicle with a push of a button from the convenience of indoors.

We warranty our work and promise to give competitive pricing on auto remote start installations.  Already have a remote starter?  If you’re experiencing issues we can check/remove your current remote starter.

Please call us for pricing for your specific vehicle year/make/model.

Car Alarms –

Regardless of your locale, your vehicle’s security is always at risk when you leave your car or truck unattended for long periods of time.  Auto theft is an unfortunate reality for many Americans, but you don’t have to be one of them.  The best way to ward off potential burglars and ultimately prevent an expensive, time-consuming theft is with a high-tech car alarm system from Ric and Rocky’s.  When you install one of our sophisticated vehicle security systems, you’ll be able to protect your car as well as your wallet.

Depending on your needs and your type of vehicle, Ric and Rocky’s can recommend anything from basic car alarm to a top-end vehicle security system.  We can also install a combination remote starter and car alarm system.  Ric and Rocky’s can also offer other convenience features with your car alarm, including:

  • Keyless entry
  • Trunk opening
  • Remote start
  • Headlight management
  • Window control

If you’re ready to protect your vehicle with a car alarm, we’re here to help bring you security and peace of mind. Call today to learn more about vehicle security systems and other mobile electronics from Ric and Rocky’s Family Car Care Center!

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